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Juice Heaters

Juice Heaters find application in further processing of screened juice through further heating it to 65-700 C in tubular juice heater. Post heating, air floatation process is utilized for juice clarification with clear juice obtained further sent to triple set evaporator.

The operations of this exchanger that is provided between vapor and juice.

Juice Heaters

Working principle :
Working of juice heater is calculated on the basis of amount of heat transferred using -
  • Overall heat transfer co-efficient (OHTC)
  • Log mean temperature difference (LMTD)
  • Heating surface area
It is vital for maintaining juice velocity in tubes ranging from 1.5 m/s to 2 m/s as -
  • In cases where juice velocity is too low, it results in low OHTC which makes heater prone to scaling of tubes
  • In cases where juice velocity in tubes is too high, high pressure drop across heater results in higher pumping load put on juice pumps
The calculation formula includes :
Q = h· A· Tlog
Q= heat transfered [kW]
h= OHTC [kW/m2K]
A= heat transfer area [m2]
Tlog= LMTD

The amount of heat transferred is calculated through following formula:
Q = m· (h1 - h0)
Q= heat transfered [kW]
m= mass flow rate [kg/s]
h1= enthalpy of exiting juice [kJ/kg]
h0= enthalpy of entering juice [kJ/kg]

Product Details :
  • Application : Heaters
  • Capacity : 60 to 500 (square metre Heating Surface)
  • Material : Stainless Steel
  • Operating Temperature : 30 degree C to 90 degree C
  • Operating speed of mill rollers : 7 (Revolutions per minute)
  • velocity in the tubes : 1.5 m/s to 2 m/s

Design Features :
  • Juice heaters coming in steel fabricated tubular shell structure finish
  • The assembly of tubes present supports in the circulation of juice as well as vapour outside them
  • Presence of headers force juices to pass certain number of times from bottom to top and vice versa of heater as well as also restrict juice flow each time to few of tubes
  • Juice heaters are made available in options as Vertical juice heaters, Vapour line juice heaters, Dynamic juice heaters and Condensate juice heaters
  • Juice heaters available in capacities from 60 m2 H.S. (heating surface) to about 500 m2 H.S
  • Juice heaters can also be designed & sized as per process capacity as well as customer requirements
Juice Heater - Advantages :
  • System coming with efficient multiple passage steam distribution & circulation support
  • Coming with provision of quick cover opening with balancing device so as to ensure easy opening
  • High pressure tested leak proof finish that assists in achieving maximum process efficiency
  • Interchangeability provision
  • Positive removal of condensate
  • Removal of heavy & light nox gases and adequate venting support
  • Requires low maintenance
Applications :
These juice heathers are used in -
  • Heating raw, sulphur & clear juice from 300°C up to about 900°C (the end process depends on requirement and process parameters)
  • Suitable for use in sugar plant application

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